Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo gets a few quick tips from Usain Bolt

Cristiano Ronaldo
The world's fastest man told Cristiano Ronaldo that he needed to sort out his posture if wanted to reach top speed. And while he was at it, he could do with some toughening up as well.

"He [Ronaldo] was asking me about running and I was telling him the reason why he has problems is that when he gets to the top speed, he tips over a bit," said Bolt, who may also have stumbled on the reason why Ronaldo spends so much time sprawling on the ground. "I told him to get his foot on the centre of gravity and then he would stay upright and he will go faster for longer over longer distances.

"I also told him he should be more rough on the other guys, take a few more yellow cards and then the guys will stop picking on him."

Bolt, who also chatted about "general stuff" with Sir Alex Ferguson, will see his favourite player in the flesh when he attends his first Old Trafford match on Saturday.

Bolt's real reason for being in Manchester is Sunday's 150 metres street race in the city centre, but the race organisers can count themselves lucky that the Jamaican is such a passionate United fan.

Without the attraction of seeing his heroes in action, he would surely have stayed at home to continue his recovery following his car crash on April 29.

Just to prove that he is not yet 100 per cent fit, he has been given permission to miss his 150m heat and will contest only the final in the early evening on a track that will be elevated a metre above the road surface in Manchester's Deansgate.

The race will be preceded in the morning by the 10km Bupa Great Manchester Run, to which Haile Gebrselassie returns for the first time since 2005 in the hope of recapturing his UK all-comers' record. The Ethiopian has amassed 27 world records, compared to Bolt's three, but on this occasion he will be the support act, along with Olympic 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu in the women's 150m.

Bolt insists he will be going all out to win, which should be a formality despite entries from Marlon Devonish and Simeon Williamson.

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