Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo Girlfriend

Crissy Ronaldo's Ex Spills Some Beans

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Cristiano Ronaldo's classy ex-girlfriend, Nereida Gallardo, just sold him out to the UK tabloids!

The former 'model' sheds some light on Ronnie's super metro beauty regimen and self-centered tendencies.

Crissy is self-centered? Get out!

Gallardo said, "He likes his body to be smooth all over and would even use a hair removal cream. He would also use tubs of moisturiser, coating every part of his body, at least twice a day… His house is full of mirrors so he’s always walking around glancing at himself.

She also went on to reveal that Ronnie has his initials and the number seven all over the place (it’s on the doors, the coffee tables, etc.).

And, in addition to looking at himself in the mirror, he LOVES playing with his own curly hair.

During the interview, the ex also mentions that Ronnie broke up with her by text, which she's still pissed about, “He’s a coward who couldn’t end it face-to-face."

Lastly, Crissy is a huge momma's boy. The soccer groupie places a lot of the break up blame on Ronnie's mom, "He phones her every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if his next girlfriend is chosen by his mum.”

Note to self. Get in good with Crissy's mom.

Nereida Gallardo, Cristiano Ronaldo

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June 25, 2008: Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo and girlfriend Nereida Gallardo on vacation in Sardinia.
Credit: Ciao Pix/ Ref.: infit-03/sdp

Carolina Patrocinio - Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Girlfriend

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Carolina Patrocinio, a portugese TV presenter, is rumoured to be Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo’s latest girlfriend.The couple met when Cristiano launched a publicity campaign for a Portugese bank. Carolina reportedly spent the New Years Eve at the Ronaldo's Manchester home.Cristiano has earlier dated a few TV stars like Merche Romero, Gemma Atkinson and Pop Idol contestant, Luciana Abreu.

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