Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Start the race to the Bernabeu

Real Madrid opens at the Zurich this edition of the Champions

Laura Navas (Zurich, Switzerland) (

How he wanted to hear and the anthem, of seeing the ball in play from the stars, to enjoy duels unique gift that only Europe, of seeing Real Madrid this dress uniform ... Champions can not wait. And especially, how I want to dream about that historic final hosted by the Santiago Bernabéu on 22 May. Has arrived at the premiere. Finally he raises the flag to a career background that includes 13 major obstacles before it can lift the coveted trophy. Real Madrid and Zurich in Europe cut the ribbon with a duel of those that must be won to warm up the muscles on the asphalt ...

It may sound a cliché. Maybe so. But true. The illusion is an element of the new Real Madrid kit for this. You see it in the face of incombustible Raul, the racial Casillas, Kaka's angelic, the timid Benzema, the Christian road, the young Pirate ... Anyway if you have won a Champions, or both. Or none. Everyone starts from zero. Because they know that this Real Madrid only worth keep adding titles and conquests. This team has started strong in the National League Championship and wants to do the same at Champions, where eager to polish his plate XX century best club in Europe.

And perhaps there goes the greatest danger of the Madrid fans. In its supreme quality in addition the obligation to re-position to Real Madrid at the top of Europe and the irrepressible desire to do so in style. With a historic final this season playing at home. And that brings us to the Letzigrund Stadion. 20:45 hours. Two teams and one anthem. The touch football and that is establishing Pellegrini attack is measured by a team that debuted in the current Champions League and whose greatest danger will be hidden in the illusion, pride and desire to put it on the lawn.

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